I’ve worked on a wide variety of interdisciplinary projects. These have not only involved collaborations with researchers based at UK and overseas universities, but have included working with numerous stakeholder organisations, government departments and agencies, infrastructure providers and utilities.

Examples of some of the projects I’ve worked on or been awarded as PI or Co-I include:

Climate Change

Providing climate change risk expertise to various organisations including:

Numerous marine climate change risks projects with Cefas’ Marine Climate Change Centre.

Coastal Adaptation

Infrastructure Analytics, Risks, Resilience and Opportunities

Marine Renewable Energy Risks and Opportunities

  • INNO-MPP – Investigation of the novel challenges of an integrated offshore multi-purpose platform – EPSRC/NERC.
  • VertIBase – Supporting evidence-based decision-making on marine vertebrate interactions with wave and tidal energy technologies – NERC.
  • Understanding How Marine Renewable Energy Device Operations Influences Fine Scale Habitat Use and Behaviour of Marine Vertebrates (RESPONSE) – NERC/Defra.
  • Review of the current methods and tools to support policy development and decision making in relation to managing environmental risk and uncertainty in the marine renewable energy sector – NERC.
  • Guidelines for Marine Environmental Risk Assessment – MMO.
  • Marine renewable energy noise and EMF risks study (MaRVEN) – European Union.

Marine Spatial Planning

GIS/Visualisation/Big Data/Analytics


Further details of my research council funding can be found on Gateway to Research (GTR), NERC Grants of the Web and EPSRC Grants on the Web, although not all project grants are listed.